We sell 40mm nylon hulls which can easily be turned down to chamber in a 37mm launcher, and reload kits to fit OUR hulls only. Most commercial ammo is actually 32-35mm in diameter on their projos. Our kits are actually 37.3mm. We offer 3" and also 4" length tubes, so the payload (smoke composition, starburst, etc) can be increased. Of course, to stay below ATF guidelines of a Destructive Device or Anti-Personnel round, THEY MUST NOT CONTAIN 1/4 OZ(7grams) OR MORE OF EXPLOSIVE or carry a payload designed to inflict injury (beanbag, lead shot, wood or rubber plug, etc).

What our kits include: outer tube, 2 inside plugs (to separate the main charge from the inert filler), and 2 end discs, one as an additional buffer from the lifting charge, the other as a nose seal.

To assemble our rounds, you will need: a nylon hull, a small pistol primer, a few grains of smokeless powder, and one of our projo kits.

In the event that you purchased hulls from someone else and did not include a brass case, we also sell 38S&W blank brass. However, our nylon hulls come equipped with a case.

40mm reloading instructions

37mm projectile instructions



Item. # $
HKFlare launcher

HKLAUNCHER.JPG (62376 bytes)

ea. 65.00
Smith and Wesson 37mm Gas gun & Flare launcher

SWLAUNCHER.JPG (66785 bytes)

ea 395.00
Tru-Flight 37mm Gas gun & Flare launcher

TRU-FLIGHT.JPG (63613 bytes)

ea 395.00
Cobray M79LF folding stock  launcher

ea 285.00
Cobray M203"IMP" attachable launcher- supplied with mounting hardware for AR15

ea 200.00
AR handguards for IMP ea 55.00
Available mounts for M203"IMP"    CAR-15, HBAR, AK, SKS ea 35.00
DPMS 37mm upper assy for AR-15 type rifles

ea 365.00
40mm nylon hulls

100  15.00
Reload kits  3", or 4" 

ea.  1.00
37mm alum hulls 8 1/4"  Uses 209 shotgun primers

37/38MM aluminum hulls are 8 1/4" OAL, plastic hulls are 8" long. Depending on your launchers chamber, they might have to be shortened to fit(e.g.CobrayM79LF &M203"Imp" have 7 1/2" chambers). These are shotgun primer actuated, and use black powder (or BP substitute) for lifting charge. They MUST NOT be reloaded with wooden dowels, rubber pucks, etc., as they would be classified as anti-personnel. However, can be reloaded with smoke, flare, etc, as a signaling device. Durable, can be reused indefinitely. Inside dimension is 1.4"; at the present we do not have any reload tubes to fit these, but are having some mfg'd soon.

ea 3.00
38 S&W blank brass

This is the secret to longer, higher shots from your launcher! These blank bodies are designed for the 40MM nylon hulls. Order some extras, and build them up ahead of time to save time reloading your hulls

ea  0.10

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